Asbestos Consulting

Brooks & Associates provides the following Asbestos Consulting Services:

  • We conduct Asbestos Surveys to determine the presence or absence of asbestos in suspect building materials.
  • We send materials sampled to be tested by a Qualified Laboratory.
  • We develop Reports of Findings, Recommendations and Budgets to assist in your renovation plans.
  • We develop Asbestos Abatement Specifications that outline for Contractors how to abate asbestos-containing materials in a manner which is in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations, and ensures the safety of workers and any employees who may remain in the building during construction.
  • We develop “Operations and Maintenance” Programs for Asbestos which assist maintenance employees in the proper procedures to ensure the health and safety of building occupants in areas which contain asbestos.
  • We provide all Phases of Air Sampling Operations. This includes baseline testing prior to any construction work, air monitoring during operations, and Final Air Clearances after remediation of hazardous materials.
  • We provide complete Project Management. This can give building owners peace of mind knowing that they have done everything to protect building occupants as well as ensuring compliance with regulations and reducing potential liability to building owners.
  • We develop and update AHERA Asbestos Management Plan Surveys for School Districts.
  • We provide Litigation Support to clients when needed.

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