IAQ Services

Brooks & Associates provides the following Indoor Air Quality Services:

  • We conduct Fungal Investigations whether you suspect mold or you have visual evidence of mold.
  • We conduct bacterial investigations involving flooding and sewage sources.
  • We provide air quality assessments which include an assessment of a variety of elements which contribute to degradation in indoor air quality.
  • We provide Post-Remediation Sampling for projects involving bacterial contamination related to sewage and contaminated water sources.
  • We provide PCR analysis to provide rapid, dependable identification of fungal spores to species level and by DNA Coding.
  • We develop Air Quality Investigation Reports of Findings and Recommendations based on the results of our initial field investigation. These comprehensive reports provide the information you need in terms you understand to help you take care of the problem.
  • To ensure that any mold outbreak is properly remediated, we will prepare a Scope of Remediation. This outlines for the Contractor specifically what steps need to be taken to eradicate your mold problem.
  • We provide Post Remediation Sampling after the clean-up, ensuring the area(s) meet current industry standards before re-inhabiting.
  • We provide V.O.C. Air Sampling to evaluate toxic chemicals in the air.
  • We use an independent accredited-laboratory which analyzes and provides Mold & Spore Identification and Quantification.
  • Our testing includes Air and Bulk Sampling, as well as Swab Sampling, Tape Lifts and Wall Checks depending on your unique circumstances. Both cultured and non-cultured methods are available.
  • We provide Litigation Support should you need assistance in a legal case.

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