Roof Consulting

Brooks & Associates provides the following Roof Consulting Services:

  • We provide Roof System Failure Investigations to assist you in determining causes of premature roof failure. The report is written in terms which are easily understood. We may be able to provide information on the actions or maintenance necessary to extend the life of you roof.
  • We provide evaluations to assess the current condition of a roof, estimate its remaining serviceable life, and provide a detailed report with photographs of observed conditions and defects.
  • We develop Project Drawings, Specifications and Contract Documents necessary for your successful reroof project.
  • We provide building assessments to determine the best roof option(s) for each building based on a variety of factors.
  • We provide Construction Management of Re-Roof Projects (Quality Assurance). Ensuring the roof is put on per the specifications protects the large investment you’ve made in your roof and protects the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • We develop Roof Management Programs to help you balance costs, the current needs of your roofs and help budget and prepare for future reroofs.
  • We develop Preventive Maintenance Programs to help extend the serviceable life of your roof.
  • We provide assistance in all Phases of Project Management.
  • We provide Litigation Support in legal cases.

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